Meissen Potpourri

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High Important Meissen Potpourri

Standing on a gilt-bronze mount, with three naturalistic goat feet over a triangular base.

Under the body of the potpourri a rosette with a pine knob.

The rim in gilt-bronze as well with a pierced border.

The porcelain vessel in bowl form, the body and the cover decorated with a rich chinoiserie scene within a gilt scrollwork cartouche filled with so called Böttgerlustre and embellished with iron-red and purple scrollwork, flanked by flowering branches of “indianische Blumen”.

All four cartouches decorated with extremely fine and rich “Chinoiserie” decoration.


Body Motif 1:

Two Chinese ruler, one holding a parasol in his hand, having a conversation, while walking through the park. Both are wearing elegant, traditional Chinese clothes. The were accompanied by two young servants. The park landscape with exotic plants, palm trees as well as so called “indianischen Blumen”. Birds and insects in the sky.

Body Motif 2:

In a chinese park landscape an oven, on the top a teapot. Three Chinese men, wearing very elegant, traditional clothes are preparing a tea ceremony. In the front of them a tablet with several vessels and a basket. Exotic flowers as well as so called “indianische Blumen”,

insects in the sky.

Cover Motif 1:

A Chinese nobleman invites a distinguished chinese couple to a tea ceremony. All are wearing very elegant, traditional chinese clothes. Behind the nobleman an oven with a teapot on top. Exotic and so called “indianische Blumen” in the park, insects in the sky.

Cover Motif 2:

Two chinese ruler having a discussion, while having a tea ceremony. Both are wearing traditional, chinese clothes. Behind the rulers an oven with several vessels on top. Next to them a teapot as well as a large jug with rods and a fan. Exotic plants as well as so called “indianische Blumen” inside the park, insects in the sky.


The decoration executed in brilliant manner in polychrome colors by Johann Gregorius Höroldt.


Meissen abt. 1725

Height: 28 cm, Diameter: 20 cm

The gilt-bronze mount is a french work, Paris abt. 1750.


Provenance: Out of the property of a gentleman, private art collection, New York City.


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